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Bovina Farm Day 2018

We had the pleasure of being one of the vendors at Bovina Farm Day this year. We were asked to do hay wagon rides with our faithful team, Bob the Belgium and Captain Morgan. It was just by chance that someone saw us at the Hobart Farmers’ Market doing rides with our team when we were approached about possibly doing it for Bovina Farm Day.

At first, we were unsure. The horses did fantastic at the market, but it was only a short ride from our house. How would we set this all up? We do not even have a trailer that can support both of them at the same time. Both horses combined have a weight of about one ton, which is 2,000 pounds. There were so many questions, so I had to find the answers.

First things first, insurance. What could we be liable for (this day in age, it is always a factor). We would have to add to our insurance policy. It was a pretty penny, but my husband and I wanted to get our name out there, so we chalked up the extra monies and went for it.

Next, trucking. How are we going to get them there? It was about a thirty-minute drive from our house, so it would take at least two hours to complete the pickups and drop offs. Luckily, we were able to borrow a trailer that could truck both horses at the same time.

Bovina Farm Day started at 10:00 am in the morning, we asked if we could bring the horses a day earlier, that way everything could be all set up and ready to go when we got there.

It worked out beautifully. We even had people staying on our farm as guests with our campsite. I made breakfast in the morning, we packed up all the meats that we were selling, and off we went.

We drove to the farm that it was being held at and went to set up. My husband’s parents came to help, and we sure did need it. We brought the kids with us, because I thought it would be fun to get the whole family involved. It worked, but it was exhausting.

I have to be honest and say that if it were not for my husband’s parents, this really would not have been possible.

Bob the Belgium, who is usually the levelheaded one, was all out of sorts. I chalk it up to spending the night in a new place with strange noises and smells. Horses are very sensitive creatures and can become upset to things they are not accustom too. We also think that the crowds were overly stimulating to him. You see, the Amish trained him. They typically have their workhorses out in the fields, day in and day out. Crowds are not part of their everyday, and even though he is gentle, he was very nervous.

Surprisingly, Captain Morgan did fantastic. He has really grown into himself as a draft and not as spooky as when we first got him. His confidence within has made him a very dependable, loveable horse that thrives off affection.

Captain Morgan loves people, he is extremely photogenic as well, and knows that he is a stunning animal. Just look at the pictures.

The weather was wonderful. Hot, but with a refreshing breeze that cooled the horses as they walked around the cornfields through the trails, and back to the starting point.

It was my first time going to Bovina Farm Day and let me tell you that I have been missing out on a lot of fun.

There was a scarecrow contest, sheepherding dog demonstrations, pie contests, butchering demonstrations, a corn maze, a hay pyramid, and that does not include all the fantastic vendors with local products!

The whole event was very family friendly with a lot for kids to do and create new adventures.

Overall, the energy and meeting new people and explaining what we are doing with our farm was such a great experience. I can only hope that we get invited back to do next year.

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