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Daddy's Little Helper

Is it just me or is Snow Miser fighting with his brother again? This is the winter that doesn’t want to end! Luckily, the cold doesn’t deter my daughter from going out to the barn and helping her daddy with the chores.

Every night when I get home, she checks to see if her daddy’s truck is in the driveway, if it is she squeals with excitement and can’t hardly wait for me to open her door so she can run out to the barn. My husband welcomes her with a, “Hi cutie!” and the sheep follow suit and bleat at her warmly. My routine is usually as follows:

Bring baby brother into the house, start a load of laundry, nurse brother, then start dinner. By then my husband and daughter are ready to come inside and eat. Showers and bathes soon follow then a few minutes of iPad or TV, then a story and off to sleep. It goes so quick that sometimes I just hold onto a few more precious moments of nursing time with my son in the quiet house. I know that it won’t last forever, and I don’t want to rush anything.