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Family Farm Day 2018

This year we participated in Family Farm Day 2018. Schoharie County, Otsego County and Delaware County Cornell Cooperative Extensions organized the fun filled day. The idea behind the event was to get people out and about to experience different types of farms and see where their food comes from.

I can honestly say that our farm was bursting with life from people all over the three counties. A steady stream of families, couples, and individuals that wanted to see how we raise our animals, buy our farm-reared meats, take a farm tour, and enjoy a horse drawn wagon ride.

The weather could not have been more perfect. A beautiful sunny day with big fluffy clouds that cast shadows on the mountains and valleys. The air was hot but on our hill, a slight breeze always flows.

Our horses, Bob and Captain Morgan did an exceptional job at towing people to the “wall street field” as we like to call it, where the sheep were grazing. The sheep seemed to enjoy the publicity. The draft team were perfect in every way. The team pulled the wagon back and forth about 20 times. Of course, my daughter was right next to her daddy pretending to drive the team.

Our daughter was the hostess with the mostest. She made sure everyone knew what the horse’s names were.

Then there is Oprah, our Berkshire sow that has become a celebrity in her own right. People are surprised to see a 600-pound pig that comes when she is called to be scratched behind her ears. She is probably one of the friendliest animals on the farm. Her size is intimidating, but her heart is pure.

This event was as much fun for us as it was for all of our visitors. We love telling our story and welcome farm tours.

If anyone has any photos that they would like to share, please visit Cornell Cooperative Extention's website and fill out the form.

Keep an eye out for us next year to host Family Farm Day 2019!

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