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Life Choices

The other day, I was nursing my son before work like I normally do. My daughter was in our living room puttering around with her play doh and it hit me, they are growing up.

I remember the days when I could not even put my daughter down without her crying, or when she was learning to walk and held on to me with her tiny little hands for stability. They all seem like faint memories.

Now she is singing along to Moana and Tangled, asking, “Why?” for EVERYTHING.

It is true what they say, the days are long but the years are short.

I could not relate to that phrase until I had children. Now, I look at my threenager and nine month old and realize that time is going so much faster than I ever anticipated.

It feels like just yesterday that I was hanging out with my cousin on her bed and discussing what we were going to be able to do when we turned thirteen. Our moms could drop us off at the mall and we could walk around - by ourselves with our own money and buy whatever we wanted.

Such big dreams.

Here I am, almost thirty years old with a husband and two kids trying to be a good adult. I have my moments where it is almost debilitating to look around the house and see the huge messes that my family and I have created.

The dishes are piling up in the sink, toys are strung throughout every room, enough of my dog’s hair is on the floor to make another dog, and all of our clothes are neatly folded on the dining room table waiting to be put away.

Like I have time for that.

Life is about choices. Do I want to spend all day cleaning to make my house magazine ready?

No, I would rather sit on the floor with my kids and play cars or go outside and pet the horses.

All too often, we pick out our clothes from the dining room, step over toys to get to the bathroom, and just ignore the dog hair.

I will get to cleaning it all eventually, but my kids are only little for a little while and I want to soak up every minute that I can.