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Our Wedding Day (Happily Ever After?)

This is the continuation of our love story.

We set our wedding for October 6th, 2012. It was an overcast day with a promise for rain.

I woke up at 6:00 am, took a shower, but did not wash my hair because apparently dirty hair holds a style longer. I dressed in a button down shirt, that way my hair and makeup would not be ruined when I changed into my wedding dress.

Downstairs I went to see my mom and handed her the letter that I wrote to her for my wedding day. (I wrote all my bridesmaids and my future husband a letter). I ate a small breakfast, because let’s be honest, who has an appetite the day they are getting married?

My mommy, sister, who was my maid of honor, and I hopped in the car to get our hair done. The hairstylist did my hair perfectly, a simple side ponytail with twists and curls that made me feel elegant but yet relaxed.

Once we had our hair done, we came back to my parent’s house to finish getting ready. The makeup artist, who also happened to be one of my best friends, came and did my face flawlessly. She really knows how to layer makeup without it being over powering. Her sister also came to help with the rest of the girls’ makeup. They all looked fantastic!

The photographers arrived and took pictures to commemorate the moments. Pictures were taken of the girls being dolled up, me getting into my dress, my parents, my sister and me, it was just a blessed time. My flower girl and ring bearer were dressed and not grumpy which was a huge plus.

I was never a girly girl growing up. I always loathed dresses as a kid, so for my wedding I wanted to be in something that was extraordinary.

My dress was pure white with silver beading on the bodice and the train. The corest top went into a dramatic ballgown. I did have custom straps added on because I did not want the feeling of the dress falling down, even if it was so tight that I could barely eat more than three mouthfuls. It made me feel like a Disney Princess and a cake topper all at once. I loved it!

Then it was time for me to get married.

I had my something old, which was my grandmother’s embroidered handkerchief; something new, which was my wedding dress; something borrowed was my fiancé’s grandmother’s gold bracelet, something blue was the sapphires in my engagement ring and I taped a penny in my shoe. I am still unsure of why a penny needs to be in your shoe, but I had it just in case.

Donning my super fashionable pink rubber boots, I was ready to get married. It was about to rain after all.

My fiancé’s grandfather washed and detailed my car. I sat in the back as my daddy drove and my mommy sat in the front.

All I remember thinking was, “This is it. What does marriage really mean? I really hope I don’t trip.” A thousand different thoughts all rushing through my brain. Some made sense and others, not so much, like images of me falling especially or slipping up the vows. Luckily, we chose to repeat the standard vows, so there was less of a chance of screw-ups.

Waiting outside the First Presbyterian Church, I realized that I totally forgot my bouquet and the ring bearer pillow.

I knew things were going just a tad too smoothly. 

My sister’s then boyfriend rushed to my parent’s home and brought both essential items back before the service started.

Bullet dodged.

The ceremony surprisingly started on time. I don’t know how often that happens, but in talking to other people it seems like a rarity.

My daddy put my vail on and flipped it over my face, my uncle had the rose that represented my grandma who had passed just the year before and the music started to cue the groomsmen and bridesmaids to start the walking sequence.

The flower girl and ring bearer were just the cutest things. One of my college friends who was sitting in an aisle seat later told me that my ring bearer looked at her date and told him he was going to punch him. Oh, out of the mouths of babes.

My daddy and I set off together down the short aisle to where my future husband was standing.

I remember looking at him and thinking he looked so handsome in his tuxedo. He was and still is my everything. Looking back, I thought that we had gone through a lot together, but it pales in comparison to what we have been through now, and I am sure that more hardships will come. One thing I know is that even though there are rough times, the good always seems to outweigh the bad. The simple, happy moments are what I live for now.

One of our dearest friends married us. Even though we had just met him, our friendship with him and his wife grew, but more on that in a different post. The Pastor asked my daddy who gives away this woman and I could hear my daddy choke up a little as he said, “her mother and I.”

Lifting up my vail, I could see he was holding back a tear. I almost broke down right there. Happiness and sadness both filling me at once, it was hard to control such different amounts of emotion.

Our ceremony was on the short side being only about thirty minutes. My sister in-law read a bible verse, we sang hymns, prayed, joined hands, exchanged rings (after the Pastor dropped them), said our vows and had our first kiss as husband and wife.

Yup, we did it.

During our ceremony, it rained, but once it was time for us to get in our get-away car, the rain had subsided and the sun was trying to peek through the clouds.

I don’t care what the old wives tails say, if it rains on your wedding day it is not good luck, it is just something to make you feel better.

We had our pictures taken at the church then at a wooded lot behind my in-laws office, and lastly at the railroad tracks in town. Now, we didn’t do anything illegal, it is just called the railroad tracks, trains no longer use the trails anymore.

Then it was off to the reception.