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Sprouting Failure

As ambitious as we were to get our started seeds out Memorial Day weekend, it flopped.

Our sprouts were doing so well; they were healthy with wide bases and looked promising. Then our tomato plants started to brown a little, then a lot. I thought that maybe they were too wet; we held back on watering them so they could dry out a little. We added plant food as a last ditch effort to keep them going. No such luck, our healthy sprouts were gone.

Soon it was the domino effect. Sprout after sprout started to die off. It was relentless. We lost all of our started sprouts to causes unknown to us.

If anyone has any reasons for why our plants died, please contact us. We would love to hear from you!

Real life is not always about the success story.

Sometimes, when we see a painted picture from afar, it looks perfect. Then, as you walk closer, you see the brush strokes, the missed sections start to peek through and the little details seem to get blurry. Does that mean the painting is not a masterpiece?

No, the imperfections adds character to give it a sense of relatability.

That is what I want to project with our farm. We are only humans that are doing the best we can with what we have, not unlike everyone else in the world. As much as I wanted to plant those seedlings, to show off my wonderful produce, fate had other plans.

Does that mean that I will not have a garden this year?

Of course not! I love to garden!

What it means is we are going to our local nursery, buy started seedlings and plant them.

I hope that in a few weeks, we will have plenty of produce to eat and sell. This time, however, I am not counting my tomatoes before they grow.