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Scavenger Hunt

We had a very successful scavenger hunt at the farm. I created a list of riddles for people to find 10 hidden horseshoes. I tried to make them easy enough for kids, but also hard enough for the adults to want to try it too. It was a lot of fun watching kids and parents bonding outside in the nice weather. It was a gorgeous day with temperatures in the 50s.

We gave out prizes to those that found all ten horseshoes, but it was more rewarding for us that people got outside, and kids were doing what kids are supposed to do, play. Most of the kids could have cared less about finding the horseshoes. They were more interested in petting the assortment of animals that we have.

One of the first-time ewes ended up abandoning her lamb shortly after birth. In which case we acquired a bottle lamb that a few children got to feed. We established a “Name Game” for people to name the bottle lamb. As it turns out, the lamb is now named after one of the kids that participated in the scavenger hunt.