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Weathered Hill Farm

Now that the back story is pretty much explained, I can talk more about what we have in store for the future of Weathered Hill Farm. My husband was the one who named the place. It suits it nicely because when we first got it, weathered was about the only way to describe the barn nicely.

Our first event was a huge success, especially since we only advertised on Facebook for a week. We did horse drawn sleigh rides, for the weekend. The first day was a little disappointing considering that in order to use a sleigh you need snow. For some reason February was warmer than April this year and we did wagon rides instead. The next day, a cold front came in and left behind about 4 inches of snow, perfect. Many people with kids came to have an experience that I hope they will talk about for ages. We made a little bit of money and hope was slowly restored to us.

The next event went even better. One of my friends had the idea of doing a lamb Easter photoshoot instead of getting pictures done with the Easter bunny. We offered some doughnuts, cookies, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate and had a fantastic turn out. We even did some sleigh rides! It was just the push we needed to feel like all the hard work that my husband put into the farm was going to pay off.

I have a bunch more ideas up my sleeve, like scavenger hunts, homesteading activities, learning about sheep hooftrimming, and much more. I also signed us up for Airbnb, hip camp, and home away. We want to encourage people to get outside and see where their food comes from. This area is in a desperate need for rejuvenation, and together we all can make that happen.