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We're Engaged! (Throwback to 2011)

With the marriage of my sister-in-law and my now brother-in-law, it had me reminiscing about my own engagement and wedding. For those that want to share in our love story here are the details, here are my own thoughts involved in our magical (and not so magical) moments.

September of 2011, my boyfriend of six years finally proposed to me. There was no dinner, no sensual music, no great-orchestrated plan with hot air balloons and fireworks.

It was just him and me together.

I worked that day, and then went out to the local bar with a friend to have a drink. After, I went to my boyfriend’s house, which was right next to the bar. I saw that he was in his truck. He was talking on the phone with someone, so I waited outside his truck door.

He hung up the phone, opened the door to the truck and immediately got down on one knee. Oh how I have been waiting for this moment! Finally, he was going to ask me to be his wife.

He said to me, “Sarah Ann Hansen, will you marry me?”

He then opened up the ring box. All I could say was, “it is upside down!”

I think we were both nervous. Then after, he turned the ring box right side up, I quickly said yes and he slid the ring onto my finger.


We were officially engaged.

My ring was beautiful. He bought it from a jeweler who customized it just for me. It was 14 karat gold, with a petite diamond in the middle, two flanking sapphires on each side along with four inlaid emerald cut diamonds around the band. It was better than I could have imagined.

Together, we walked up the steps to his parent’s house and didn’t say anything. It was our own secret for about two hours. We ate dinner, and then told his parents the news. They were in shock that we were sitting next to them and managed not bring up our engagement at all!

We toasted to the celebration and then we went to my parent’s house to tell them the news. Little did I know that they already knew because the person my fiancé was talking to on the phone was my daddy. I always told him that I could not marry a coward and that he had to ask my dad for permission to marry me.

Walking into my parent’s house, I was a little nervous about how they would take our new engagement. My mommy and daddy were sitting in their typical recliners as we strolled in the living room. We announced our engagement and talked for a little bit. Turns out, my fiancé and my daddy had two different stories about how that phone call went down.

According to my fiancé, he called my dad in the driveway of his parent’s house to ask for his permission to marry me. As soon as heard, “Yeah” my fiancé hung up the phone and proceeded to get down on one knee.

My daddy’s story is a little different. He said the my boyfriend called him, asked if he could marry me, then my mom asks in the background, “Is he asking to marry Sarah!?” My daddy turns to my mommy and says, “Yes.” Then he heard a click. My boyfriend hung up.

Either way, I was elated that I would be marrying my best friend.