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Working Mother of Two

After taking all twelve weeks off with my son, I didn’t get paid for a few weeks. It really affected our financial situation, that, and I took a pay cut to be happier at home with a different job. Okay, here we are, struggling. My husband was doing all he can to keep the farm afloat, I was working a little bit of overtime to make up for the loss, and with the help of family and friends, we were making it.

As it turns out, my husband was getting overly stressed about over trying to juggle his business along with the farm business. That is when I stepped in, I decided it was my turn to help relieve the pressure of the farm off of my husbands’ shoulders.

I took over most of the farm aspects, besides doing chores. I know, what else is there besides chores? Turns out a lot, I wanted the farm to be more profitable. Instead of trying to sell wholesale lamb, I wanted to sell cuts. I wanted our name out in the public eye more, so I started to create farm events. So far, the small changes that I made has been a huge success for the farm. My husband is proud of me, because for the longest time, it was me against the farm. Now I am embracing the chaos of being a full-time working mother of two with a side hustle.